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Small SME's

Insight in business administration, hours and projects in one tool

In a small SME with different customers and different projects, it is very convenient to keep insight into business administration, time records and projects in CoManage Pro. As the owner of a small SME, the statistics in CoManage are very useful, but your team will work a lot with the different functionalities. This way, you will keep a good overview and you and your team members will never fall behind with administration and the different tasks for your customers.

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I am very satisfied with Comanage. Since my company is not that big in terms of turnover, I can always count on your support with questions or problems. Thank you! Kind regards, Clean Complete

Clean Complete

Very satisfied with comanage! In the meantime, our program to carry out quotations and invoicing has been going on for more than 2.5 years. The chat application is not only easy, but you also get a clear explanation very quickly how you can get things done.
Satisfied customer,
Sbs-Pro roof & joinery

Bjorn Seuntjens

Very satisfied !!

Soufiane Zakaria

After more than 25 years I switched to another accounting program, a world of difference, the ease of use and certainly the costs were the deciding factor for me.

Paul Gelissen

Discover the benefits for small SMEs

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Always all statistics at a glance

Insight into turnover, invoices, quotations and costs. Plus, new contacts and new projects. All handy in one monthly overview.


Always insight into all projects

What are the current projects, what is the budget, in which phase are the projects and what has been invoiced in total. This information is all available in the project module.

Razendsnel klantgegevens opzoeken in je CRM

Insight into the billable hours of each team member

All hour registrations per project and per customer conveniently listed per week. Are the hours billable and if they already been invoiced is easy to check in the hour registration functionality.

CoManage invoices  

Functionalities for small SME's

With CoManage you have a collection of tools which make the lives of SME's easier:

Blogposts for small SME's

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You can use the examples in CoManage as your quotation follow up as well. The first 14 days are free!

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