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As photographers, graphic designers, or advertising agencies, you have many different assignments and clients. It is very important to have your administration in order. Deadlines fly around your ears and the feedback rounds don't seem to stop. Fortunately, a tool like CoManage can help. Not only is your administration in order, you also have good insight into your hours worked and all deadlines for your projects. Working together for different clients is not a problem either, because your tasks per project are very clear. You can focus on the creative and use CoManage as a partner for the 'boring' work.

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Co manage is a very clear and handy billing program. They are always available via chat for questions. We are very satisfied with their service, highly recommended!

nils peeters

I was helped very quickly (on a Sunday) via the chat. Very nice.

Ineke Verbruggen

Great program! Everything is very clear and fast service if you have any questions! Recommended!! You learn to work with it very quickly and you can adjust everything to your own wishes. Very satisfied!


Good app. Even if you have a question you will receive an immediate answer. An example for all other apps

Kerlew vdlinden

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Send out quotes quickly

If you are dealing with many and short assignments, it is convenient if you can send out quotations quickly and easily. Ten minutes after your request, you can already send your professional quotation. The customer can easily approve it online.  


Your tasks are clear

One person does the customer contact and the other performs the creative part. This is often how it goes in creative agencies. It is very convenient that in CoManage you can each have your own tasks per project and thus know exactly what you are working on or what is finished.

Razendsnel klantgegevens opzoeken in je CRM

Track hours including travel time

Sometimes you have to travel to the customer or a location. That too costs time and should be included in your timesheets. Hours worked are also important to keep track of. If not for invoicing, then for estimating the next project.

CoManage invoices  

Functionalities for creative agencies

With CoManage you have a collection of tools which make your live easier as a creative agency:

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