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From one to three CoManage subscriptions. Meet StarterPlus and Pro!

StarterPlus and Pro are the new subscriptions of CoManage! Not only we are growing, but so are our customers. 1500 customers are already happily using our Starter subscription (formerly known as the Business subscription), but we regularly receive requests for more extensive or additional functionalities.

We are now responding to this demand by offering new functionalities in two new subscriptions. We would like to explain how StarterPlus and Pro are different from the existing Starter subscription of CoManage.


In the StarterPlus subscription, you have access to all the functionalities of the Starter package and time tracking. That makes this package the ideal choice for freelancers who have enough with all the basic functionalities of CoManage, but still like to track time. This package costs € 30,0 per month with a monthly subscription.


In the Pro package you have access to all functionalities of the Starter package, time tracking, extensive project management, 30 Scan and Recognize documents for free and standard 2 users. That makes this package the ideal choice for small companies with multiple employees who do different projects for different customers. This package costs € 49,0 per month with a monthly subscription.

From one to three

Of course, the Starter package will stay and StarterPlus and Pro are a nice addition to this package. In this way we try to provide a good solution for freelancers and small businesses and grow along with our customers. We are already very excited and are looking forward to all your comments.

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