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Vous pouvez utiliser CoManage dans n'importe quel secteur. Néanmoins, nous souhaitons mettre en évidence certains secteurs avec des aspects pratiques spécifiques.

Top company. Service any time and anytime. My right first choice then and still. Continue to innovate and improve and even personal ideas are submitted and viewed for improvement in general.

Chris Van Hoey

Very strong platform! Highly recommended.

Bob Vanderheyden

I have been using CoManage for several years and I am absolutely very satisfied with it. Simple product, easy to use and with the slightest question I can ask my question via the chat functionality and I always get a quick and very effective answer to my question / problem with which I can continue.

Eyal Benisty

I shared my problem with a Comanage employee via the chat on the online platform. A few minutes later I already had an answer. There was indeed a small bug in the software. After barely 2 days that problem was already solved with a software update, and I could continue to use the wonderful program! Great service!

Niels Maes
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